‘Baby Shark Dance’ Reach 10 Billion Views on YouTube

Even though it was viral at the time, it is still very popular today, the Baby Shark Dance video managed to make a new history. Where this video successfully occupies the first position as the most watched video on YouTube.

Through their social media accounts, Pinkfong announced that one of her videos, namely Baby Shark Dance, managed to break the record of 10 billion views on YouTube on Thursday, January 13, 2022.

Pinkfong is a South Korean educational entertainment company that is behind this viral “Baby Shark”. This global product development company has more than 4,000 videos, songs, games and apps aimed at children.

The Baby Shark Dance video itself was first uploaded to Pinkfong’s YouTube channel on June 18, 2016. Since its release to date, the video “Baby Shark Dance” has received 32 million likes.

The 2 minute 17 second video shows two small children dancing while singing the Baby Shark song. The simple dance movements make it easy for children to follow.

In addition, combined with the catchy and easy-to-memorize Baby Shark song and coupled with a simple and repetitive melody, this video is very popular all over the world.

Children and even adults seem to find it difficult not to sing and dance while watching this video or just listening to the song.

On their YouTube channel, Pinkfong doesn’t just release the Baby Shark Dance video. There are also Baby Shark videos in several other versions, ranging from jazz, disco, to EDM, all of them are available.

In addition, videos are also released in various languages, one of which is in Indonesian. Pinkfong itself is known to have several official YouTube channels in several countries.

Previously, PSY’s Gangnam Style music video also set a record as the first video to reach 1 billion views on YouTube in December 2012 and in 2022 it’s Pinkfong’s Baby Shark Dance’s turn to set a new record as the first video to reach 10 billion views on YouTube.

Congratulations to Pinkfong on what has been achieved!

Youtube Record Broken by Baby Shark Dance Music Video, Watched More Than Total Population on Earth

A record was set on the YouTube platform. A record breaker on Youtube was the music video for Baby Shark Dance. This video has garnered more than 10 billion views.

This makes the Baby Shark Dance music video the first video to break a record in Youtube history.

The song “Baby Shark” was first released in June 2016 as part of the Pinkfong children’s song series.

Since its video debut, “Baby Shark” has launched a franchise that includes animated series on Nickelodeon, a global merchandising licensing program, live worldwide tours, interactive games, NFT, and more.

Animated series “Baby Shark’s Big Show!” which is co-produced with Nickelodeon Animation Studio is rumored to be going into a second season, while a feature film is in development. A sequel to Netflix’s “Pikfong and Baby Shark’s Space Adventure” is also in the works.

Quoted from Yonhap, Pinkfong said 10 billion views is a large number that exceeds the world’s population of 7.8 billion when referring to data by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

The “Baby Shark” view count could indicate that everyone living on earth has seen the video at least once, the company said.

The song also earned the Guinness World Records title as the most watched video on YouTube by accumulating 7 billion views in November 2020 and has since topped the video on the platform for 15 consecutive months.